About Us


Our Primary Goal

Our primary goal is to generate equity returns, while reducing risk for  our investors, by adhering to the following process:

Careful + Precise Deal Selection

Well-Conceived + Measured Deal Structure

Intense + Effective Due Diligence

On-Point Market Intelligence

Strict Underwriting Assumptions + Financial Sensitivity Analysis

Invest Fresh Intellectual + Financial Capital

Improve Our properties to Increase Cash-Flow + Add Value

Professionally Manage to Reduce Operating Costs + Increase Occupancy

Divest At the Right Time For Optimal Returns

Our Approach

Methodical in our analysis

Conservative in our planning

Innovative in our execution

Eli Zakay

732-688-8900  |   [email protected]

Eli Zakay is a business executive, entrepreneur, and real estate investor with experience as a principal in over $200mm in real estate transactions in the past  decade. He offers deep expertise in formulating strategies to reposition underutilized real estate assets and a proven ability to identify and understand emerging markets for potential investment.

In 2018, Eli founded Stonebridge Property Group LLC, a real estate investment firm that offers its partners the opportunity to invest in property with strong cash flow and long-term appreciation, while preserving capital and minimizing risk. Stonebridge currently owns multiple properties including student housing assets with 1300 beds located near large college campuses in upstate New York and central North Carolina, and the company recently sold a portfolio of over 200 beds adjacent to Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. In addition to its property portfolio, Stonebridge also develops high-quality, sustainably-designed multi-family residential communities in suburban commuter submarkets through a strategic development partner.

Prior to founding Stonebridge, Eli served as Vice President of Acquisitions and Chief Fulfillment Officer for Duke Properties, a real estate firm based in Manhattan that focused on multi-family rental properties. During his five-year tenure at Duke, Eli contributed to the acquisition of over 50 properties spanning the boroughs of New York City and  managed over 200 apartments and 200 additional rental units in New Jersey. While in this role he also collaborated with architects and contractors to renovate over 100 apartments in NYC that enabled revenue from those units to double.

Earlier in his career, Eli was an entrepreneur in the clothing and fashion industry. He is a graduate of Yeshiva University.


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