Our Mission

Deliver to our partners opportunities to invest in real estate with strong cash flow and long-term appreciation, while preserving capital and minimizing risk.

 Our Values 

Owner’s Perspective

First and foremost, we invest alongside our partners on every deal we acquire. No matter what the project, we treat each property as if it were a hundred percent our own. We manage each property acquired with a sense of professional pride and personal satisfaction.

Principal Involvement

With a dedicated team, you can be  assured in the principal involvement with each property we  undertake. Our team is continuously updated and  informed of how to approach specific projects  and properties, while ensuring clear communication in-house and with partners.

Accountable + Committed

We hold ourselves and our team to the highest standards of work and integrity as we act as your liaison for each property.  Our team is comprised of the most professional individuals that deeply  understand our core principles of honesty, trust and  reliability.

A Vehicle For Investors

Stonebridge Property Group is a vehicle for investors to  directly own income-producing real estate and benefit from all the advantages of ownership without the burden  or risk of hands-on management. The firm focuses on  assets generating “in-place” yields and consistent cash  flow and specializing in properties in the $4 to $40-million-  dollar range.

In addition, Stonebridge Property Group, through its  strategic development partner, develops high-quality, well-  designed and sustainable A-Class multifamily residential  communities in suburban commuter submarkets.


195 Broadway Suite 318

Brooklyn, NY 11211